With 5 days down and just over 30 to go before we head to the polls to exercise our civic duty, we are officially experiencing the shortest election period in Canadian history. When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dropped by Rideau Hall to ask the Governor General to commence the dissolution of parliament he not only triggered the election but also revived Bill C-76 and its onerous legislative requirements for Canadian publishers.

Bill C-76 states that all online platforms (as defined by audience composition numbers set out in the Bill) must publish a registry of all partisan and 选举广告 messages displayed on their platform, 包括广告本身的副本及若干订明资料. 迅速进入高速状态, 加拿大内政部小组与加拿大选举小组进行了公开讨论, 建立一个全面的 选举资源节 在我们的网站上,更新了 在加拿大联邦选举期间,广告在哪里以及如何运行 重新启动了我们的成功 PG电子官方平台注册问题跟踪 这是在2019年大选期间发布的. This useful tool was developed in partnership with the Canadian Press and is updated every 24 hours to help outline the most up-to-date issues as they make their way onto a platform and in turn, allow publishers to keep their eyes out for “issue” ads which during an election, 被认为是政治, 但在快节奏的选举中很容易被忽视,因此, not make it into the registry putting publishers at risk of receiving hefty fines. 你可以通过pg电子平台app新版下载 policy@composingmoments.com

Publishers are not the only ones impacted by Bill C 76; agencies also have a lot to consider. 对于初学者来说, they need to keep an eye on issues to ensure that their NGO or other socially aware clients do not have their campaigns caught in the crossfire, they also have a responsibility to help the candidates themselves get their messages out to potential supporters. 我们和内务部加拿大分部的成员谈过了, 林内特利, Senior National Account and Marketing Manager at Chameleon Digital Media to get her insight into how agencies are navigating this fast and furious federal election.

PG电子官方平台注册 (PG电子官方平台注册C): What do you think is the biggest issue facing candidates in this monumentally short election period?   

林内特利(LW): 这是近年来最短的联邦选举预备期. There is little precedent and therefore little previous learning to glean insights from, 因此,所有利益相关者都将努力进行教育, 说服他们的选民去投票, 最重要的是, 投票给“正确”的人/政党! The question when the dust settles will be, did we have enough time to do what we needed to do?  

PG电子官方平台注册C: What can agencies do to help get the campaign messages out to the public to ensure they have the information they need to cast an educated vote? 

LW: The short time-frame is our reality so the focus should be around either talking to as many constituents as possible (broad reach) or focusing on wards that will seriously impact the outcome by virtue of size, 现任, 反对, 倾向等. ——肯定是一个更有战略意义的方法.  All the while suppressing the desire to communicate EVERYTHING that the campaign wants to say.   Effectiveness still comes down to the right message, at the right time, to the right people.  机构可以通过与他们的政治伙伴合作来提供帮助, 说客, and NGO clients in being crystal clear on who the audience is (or should be) and delivering the right message to that audience.  Spending time upfront to identify critical audiences is a worthwhile first step.  Understanding more than simple demographics is important – by that we mean understanding what the drivers are that would compel an individual to vote in a certain way.  例如, if a client believes that talking to a union member base can affect the outcome of the results, 一个机构有很多资源来寻找受众, 并迅速有效地向他们传递信息.   和, 当然, having a piece of creative that speaks to this audience in a way that causes them to stop and think, that shows insight into the real problem and the potential solution will cause action and is a critical component too.   

There’s a huge opportunity to learn which platform message resonated the most which could potentially inform the party’s platform going forward.  和 we think that providing clients with performance metrics that not only show who was exposed to the message, 而是他们是否采取了行动, 是否有价值——不仅仅是他们是否点击了广告, 而是他们是否出现在投票点.  Now the client can draw a straight-line correlation between someone seeing an ad and voting in a federal election.  That’s ROI in our minds and will help to answer the question of “did we have enough time to do what we needed to do?” 

PG电子官方平台注册C: Have there been any innovations or an uptick in DOOH advertising this time around? 

LW: 是的! We’ve had calls from all the major parties but also a great deal of interest from the smaller political players. We have RFP responses in front of both the People’s Party of Canada and the Green Party, Annamie保罗, 绿党领袖, seeks to rebuild both her reputation and her constituency in her Toronto Centre riding using Adapt’s DOOH assets. 这些都是我们与自由党人进行的常规竞选活动之外的, PC党和新民主党, showing that the impact of DOOH is starting to make waves even among political advertising neophytes.  What this says to us is that DOOH has been recognised as an effective channel to provide a local, 与选民沟通 的基层方法. 

If you would like to get involved in the election conversation, please reach out to policy@composingmoments.com