If you are new to digital media marketing or just want to stay current with what is happening in the ever changing digital ecosystem, 这门课是给你的. This crash course provides a comprehensive introduction to the digital marketing and advertising industry and is taught in an interactive classroom format that provides plenty of time for class discussions so bring your questions.


  • Develop a foundational knowledge of the most used digital marketing platforms and tactics in Canada, 包括如何使用它们, 购买并测量
  • PG电子官方平台注册 the digital media terms and concepts you need to navigate the digital ecosystem
  • PG电子官方平台注册 the basics of how digital media campaigns are delivered and tracked



If you have any questions about participating remotely or if you have a question about the course, 请透过电邮联络我们 courses@composingmoments.com.


  • 课程包括午餐休息时间
  • 课程结束时间可能有所不同
  • 所有课程时间都被列为EST



  1. 1.1: The State of Digital Marketing in Canada
  2. 1.2: The Digital Marketing Ecosystem: Meet the Players
  3. 1.3 .付费,赚取 & 所有媒体


  1. 2.1:搜索在市场营销中的作用
  2. 2.2: 搜索引擎优化(SEO) Overview
  3. 2.3:付费搜索如何运作


  1. 3.1:桌面显示广告格式
  2. 3.2:展示广告创意最佳实践
  3. 3.3 .购买展示广告
  4. 3.4 .移动显示广告格式
  5. 3.5 .移动展示广告创意


  1. 4.1:加拿大数字视频景观
  2. 4.2:视频广告格式
  3. 4.3: Buying Digital Video – Placements and Measurement
  4. 4.4:视频创意最佳实践
  5. 4.5: The Future of Video: OTT and Connected


  1. 5.1:原生广告广告形式
  2. 5.2:为什么它有效
  3. 5.3:披露指引


  1. 6.1 .如何开发优质内容
  2. 6.2:内容案例研究
  3. 6.3:内容测量

7.0社会化媒体营销 & 广告

  1. 7.1:为什么品牌喜欢社交
  2. 7.2:衡量拥有的社会
  3. 7.3 .付费社交
  4. 7.4 .影响者营销

8.0电子邮件营销 & 广告

  1. 8.1:为什么电子邮件很重要
  2. 8.2:有效的电子邮件营销技巧
  3. 8.3 .衡量电子邮件
  4. 8.4: CASL

9.0移动营销 & 广告

  1. 9.1:移动营销概述
  2. 9.2:短信营销
  3. 9.3 .手机应用


  1. 10.1:为什么要转向程序化
  2. 10.2:程序化是如何工作的?
  3. 10.3:纲领性练习
  4. 10.4:交换类型


  1. 11.1:工作流概述
  2. 11.2:活动类型
  3. 11.3:品牌安全/适宜性
  4. 11.4:媒介研究与测量
  5. 11.5:可视性
  6. 11.6:广告是如何被传播的
  7. 11.7 .数字广告定位
  8. 11.8:跟踪和测量
  9. 11.9 .活动归因


  1. 12.1:为什么这很重要
  2. 12.2:加拿大法规
  3. 全球监管


  • This crash course on the fundamentals of Integrated Digital Marketing does an amazing job at teaching us the basics of the advertising world, with a strong Canadian perspective of the digital landscape.  – Justin Teng, Sales Support Specialist, DAC Group
  • 作为数字营销的新手, I consider this course to be excellent and it helped me a lot to understand some basic stuff in my new job. – Irshad Ruhomutally, Senior Consultant Digital Performance, Intact Insurance
  • Great introduction for my entrance into the digital world. ——匿名
  • Would highly recommend and take another course.  It was a perfect general overview of digital marketing. ——匿名



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