Privacy Update – CPPA, TCF加拿大, 全球隐私框架 and Ongoing Discussions

Current Status of CPPA – Letter to Government Urging Movement on Bill C-11 

With the proposed Bill C-11 – otherwise known as the CPPA – industry is preparing for an amended 隐私 legislation that introduces stronger protections for citizens as well as substantial fines for failure to comply. 乍一看, 该法案似乎是公平的, retaining PIPEDA’s largely principle-based and technology neutral approach to 隐私. 有但是, some targeted amendments that are required to ensure balance and unintended consequences.   

As time passes and the potential of an election looms, t在这里 is fear that the Bill as it stands, will lose momentum and potentially die on the floor. 然而, we see Bill C-11 as an opportunity to modernize our federal 隐私 legislation, and we have joined forces with a coalition of associations to call on Parliament to prioritize Bill C-11 so this legislation can be debated, important amendments can be adopted, and it can continue to move forward, while avoiding the patchwork that could result from a delay. 你可以找到信的全文 在这里. 

We continue to work with government, industry and our PG电子官方平台注册 隐私 working group to prepare for future committee hearings and encourage you to 加入谈话

TCF Public Commentary Coming to a Close 
Several weeks ago, PG电子官方平台注册 released the 政策草案 for the Canadian Transparency and Consent Framework as an important step towards contributing to a global approach to responsible, 隐私-protected media transactions. As the industry works towards advanced solutions for a cookieless reality, the TCF is being designed as a technology-neutral method for delivering meaningful consent signals in a complex eco-system. We are grateful for the feedback and participation since the release and have been addressing several international queries from all stakeholder groups on the policies. The commentary period is coming to a close, and we invite interested parties to provide feedback by 3月20日th, 2021. 所有的反馈都可以发送到

As we announced in last week’s newsletter, the PG电子官方平台注册 Tech Lab released the 全球隐私框架 公开评论,结束 4月8日th, 2021. This framework is designed to address the current patchwork of international 隐私 legislations that have resulted in increased complexity and a myriad of technical solutions to address the various markets. This framework houses the TCF加拿大 policies, developed by PG电子官方平台注册 and Canada will be the first market to be rolled out under these efforts delivering modernized compliance with PIPEDA and the proposed CPPA. 一旦框架被批准, testing in our market will commence in the coming months and a timeline on in-market release will be developed. 

本周早些时候, we were joined by the team at 脸谱网 Canada to discuss “Balancing Privacy and Personalization in a Privacy First World”. This interactive discussion focused on the upcoming iOS 14 changes and the steps businesses need to take to prepare for these updates. If you missed this member-only session you can find the full recording 在这里. 你也可以访问 脸谱网的广告生态系统 for the latest guidance for advertisers and agencies. 

周三, we continued our Spotlight on Consent Management Platform series with an insightful overview by CEO Benoit Oberle of Sirdata. A recording of this session, along with all other CMP presentations can be found 在这里.  

Coming up this week we are thrilled to be hosting the following 隐私-centric sessions: 

Advertising in 2021 and Beyond: An Open Internet Discussion, presented by Quantcast 

3月23日rd @ 1pm  

This Webinar will address three major themes: Identifying consumers in a world without cookies, the importance of first-party data and consumer consent, and the consumer’s role in the open internet economy. 

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Product Profile: Spotlight on Consent Management Platforms, featuring OneTrust 

3月25日th @ 1pm  

This is the fourth in our CMP series w在这里 you will be introduced to the OneTrust CMP and learn how it can become an integral part of your 隐私 program and overall customer experience. 

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If you would like to 加入谈话 and become a part of our members-only 隐私 working group, 请发送电子邮件至