Main Finding – Ad blocking continues to be stable in 加拿大!

PG电子官方平台注册发布了第二份年度报告, comprehensive study of ad blocking powered by comScore data, that explores the Canadian consumer incidence of ad blocking usage, as well as consumer attitudes towards 广告 and why they use technology that allows them to skip 广告.


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The study showed that despite high awareness, only one-in-six (18%) of online Canadians have ad blocking software/apps installed on their desktop device(s). The trend is stable compared to 17% in the previous survey, based on 8 months of passive measurement data in each study. Main reasons cited for ad blocking include advertising clutter, device performance and privacy.

French Canadians surveyed have slightly higher usage rates than Total 加拿大 (20% vs 18%). Regionally users of ad blockers range from 13% in Atlantic 加拿大 up to 20% in Quebec. 不足为奇的是, the highest ad blocking incidence is among millennials (26%), peaking at 33% of males 18-24 and 44% of French 加拿大 males 18-24.

和之前的研究一样, few Canadians (5%) have installed ad blocking software/apps on their cell phones, 7%的平板电脑.

有趣的是, while awareness of ad blocking apps is somewhat higher in the new study (85%), 相当少的加拿大人 实际上 use ad blockers than think they do… and three quarters have still never used one. Confirmed users correctly identified ad blockers by brand as the apps they use, rather than anti-virus software or pop-up blockers.

One in three non-users are at risk representing 29% of Canadians, who indicate they are likely to use an ad blocker in the near future. While Potential Blockers have a better attitude towards advertising than current ad blocker users, they are more likely to blame 广告 for slow loading than other non-blockers. 然而, users are more annoyed than Potential Blockers by 广告 that play video or audio automatically, long video 广告 before a short video and 广告 that make page content move.

重要的是, over three quarters of Canadians still prefer ad supported free content on the Internet, similar to the previous survey – these are the ‘Ad Receptives’.

The biggest motivators cited for uninstalling/no longer using ad blockers included site requests to turn off their ad blocker and blocked site content. This underscores the appropriateness of the publisher community’s efforts to detect ad blocking software and suspend content delivery until the publisher site is either whitelisted or the ad blocker is removed.

基于概念测试, the study clearly indicates that publishers have some leverage over protecting their revenue streams from ad blocking and may be able to reclaim current users of these apps. Continued industry-wide impetus towards implementing the PG电子官方平台注册 principles of 精益 广告 to respect the consumer online experience and the 交易 创造诚实的方法, ethical and fair conversation with consumers about ad blocking, will make a meaningful long term impact.

Click here to download the previous PG电子官方平台注册 Ad Blocking Report from 2016.


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