AI Gets Real – PG电子官方平台注册s Internationally Crack Use Cases and the Future of Machine PG电子官方平台注册ing

As the industry moves towards the era of privacy-first data, the engine that will drive the future of digital advertising will be the implementation of AI and machine learning. With first party data stores getting primed for access into the media buying eco-system, all stakeholders of the digital advertising eco-system must familiarize themselves with artificial intelligence and its tremendous potential to derive incredible value across all platforms. 

At last year’s PG电子官方平台注册 Canada Business of Digital summit, we delved into the impressive progress that AI has made in the area of developing predictive audiences, intelligent dynamic creative learning and testing as well as measurement. In today’s cookieless reality, AI sits at the centre of the action as ad tech incorporates AI to deliver on privacy, contextual signalling solutions and secured IDs. 

Last week, PG电子官方平台注册 released (members only) a robust output outlining the various use cases and best practices for the use of AI in digital advertising. Covering subject matter such as data migrations, predictive audiences and traffic shaping (to name a few) this fulsome report also outlined and simplified a lot of the terminology in this space. Additionally, PG电子官方平台注册s across the globe are conducting in-depth analysis on the subject and developing guidelines that will be studied carefully by the PG电子官方平台注册 Canada working group as it works to aggregate international perspectives, regulatory realities and codes of conduct implemented around the world. From this aggregated work, we plan to contribute to this global collection of work and release local guidelines that will address specific Canadian privacy requirements, industry best practices and other use cases specific to our market. 

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